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Title: Хронологичен библиографски указател 1981-2010 г. на Годишник на Софийския университет "Св. Климент Охридски". Философски факултет
Other Titles: Year-Book of the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. Faculty of Philosophy. Chronological Bibliography 1981-2010
Authors: Shumanova, Nina
Шуманова, Нина
Keywords: Philosophy
Library and Information science
European studies
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Citation: Шуманова, Нина. Хронологичен библиографски указател 1981-2010 г. на Годишник на Софийския университет "Св. Климент Охридски" : Философски факултет. София, Университетско издателство "Св. Климент Охридски", 2010, 130 с.
Abstract: When a specialized periodical publication representing a professional community comes out, it is an indication for the authority of the institution. In this sense the Year-book of the St Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, its oldest periodical publication, coming out with this logo, calls for respect both with its one hundred years history as well as with the quality of the published material. The beginnings were laid in 1905, today the Year-book offers a complex system of the editions of the faculties of the University of Sofia and the specialties and chairs at them. The teaching of philosophy at the University of Sofia goes back to its very foundation in 1888. In 1950 the Faculty of Philosophy and History was established with three chairs: a chair of philosophy, a chair of history and paedagogics. Since 1972 the chair of History became a Faculty of History, and since 1986 the chair of Paedagogics became a Faculty in its own right, beyond the Faculty of Philosophy. Within the period between 1976 to the 90s of the 20th century the Philosophical faculty assumed its present day shape, providing possibilities for training with a BA degree and MA degree as well as a PhD course in the following principal specialties: Philosophy 1888 Psychology 1972 Sociology 1976 Political science 1986 Culturology 1991 Library-Information Science 1993 Public administration 1997 European studies 1998 Chair of Rhetorics - 1991 offers optional courses for all specialties of the University as well as training for a MA. Lecturers and post-graduate student at the Faculty of Philosophy can publish their studies, articles and analyses in the authoritative Year-book of the University of Sofia, Faculty of Philosophy. Over the years its structure has evolved. Together with ‘books’ on philosophy and paedagogics, the new specialties began to bring out ‘books” of their own: namely in Psychology, Sociology, Library-Information Sciences and European studies. The analytical bibliography of the Year-book of the St.Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Faculty of Philosophy is a continuation of the earlier analytical Year-book of the St.Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, for the 1976-1980 , however the material included here is only from the Year-book of the Faculty of Philosophy. It comes out in separate volumes, following a unified numeration. The period included 1981-2010 comprises vol. 74 - 100. Books from specialties, which emerged over the 1984-2010 period, are represented in separate series: Book Philosophy, Book Psychology, Book Sociology, Book Library-Information Science, Book European studies. This order is in line with the successive creation of the respective specialties. Book Paedagogics – vol.75 and 76 of the Chair of Paedagogics, vol. 82 and vol. 83 of the Chair in Socio-Political Systems, and vol. 82, vol. 83-84 and 86 of the Problem Research Laboratory on Political Behavior. With a view to give exhaustive information, these books have been presented analytically, regardless the fact that these sections are no longer part of the Faculty of Philosophy, or do not exist separately. The presumption is that previously they were part of its structure. Within each Book (series) materials are presented chronologically, according to volume. The high academic and professional level of the Year-book of the University of Sofia, Faculty of Philosophy is maintained by an authoritative editorial board for the respective book. It has been a long practice to cite reviewers for each published material. Access to information through the inclusion of additional elements is streamlined in the publication of new specialty ‘Books’. In vol.1 of the specialty European studies mandatory requirements to the author of publications are given, with special emphasis in the rules of citation. Here for the first time, together with a summary in English, given are key-words, drawn from the contents of each publication. A very useful thematic index has been added to vol. 1 of the specialty Library-Information Sciences. The bibliographical description of the material, published in the Year-book follows the common framework of Bulgarian standard for analytical description. At the same time a substantial difference in this analytical bibliography of the Year-book of the University of Sofia, Faculty of Philosophy from analytical bibliographies up to 1980 is the subject analysis of every publication. The practice of the Year-book of the Faculty of Philosophy at the beginning of the 80s was to present the content of each publication with extended summaries in Russian and English and resumes in English, French, or German. From the 90s the resumes were dropped and only the extended summaries remained, and for the separate Books of the specialties and the separate years they were in Russian and English, and recently only in English. In order to avoid duplication with the summaries of the Year-book, the approach in the bibliography is different. Here it is based on the structure, suggested by the authors themselves. The nature of publications in the Year-book is good ground in this respect. Authors with an established name are those who publish here, with their established style and views on the emphasis in their own papers. Proof of this is the fact that almost every publication has its own internal structure, worked out by the author. It is felt in the respective headings of each section, in many instances with additional subsections, subtitles, and different pagination. The presentation of the content from the point of view of the author is the objective solution for so specific and varied subject matter as publications in the various Books of the Year-book. The style of the authors is preserved in the structure they have chosen for each publication and their preference connected with the names and numbering of the sections. In this way presentation of the contents of publications authentically represents the author’s point of view, concerning his own text. Publications included in each book have a numeration of their own, beginning with No 1. Each of the books of the Year-book has its own index of author’s names. In this way, authors who have published their works in the respective Book of the Year-book can be noted. Almost everywhere the names of all persons mentioned in the various texts are given in full and as a rule citation is done with family names and initials. A common alphabetical index has also been compiled, unifying authors and persons with publications from all Books of the Year-book. In this way the total list of publications of lecturers from the Faculty of Philosophy, within the last 30 years is presented. After each name the Book and Number where the respective publication is to be found is given. Besides a printed edition the Year-book of the University of the University of Sofia has beep prepared as an electronic resource. In this way it has become part of a data-base with material of the Year-books of the respective Faculties, supported by the University Library. The analytical bibliography of the Year-book of the University of Sofia, Faculty of Philosophy 1981-2010 is a continuation of an year long tradition, presenting the staff of the Faculty of Philosophy before the public through their publications and at the same time allowing students, faculty and specialists effective academic work and research with it.
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ISBN: 987-954-07-3084-4
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