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Title: От дигитализация към виртуализация – поредната стъпка в ИКТ-еволюцията
Other Titles: From Digitalization to Virtualization – Next Step to ICT Evolution
Authors: Харизанова, Оля
Harizanova, Olya
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Университетско издателство "Св. Климент Охридски"
Citation: Харизанова, Оля. От дигитализация към виртуализация – поредната стъпка в ИКТ-еволюцията. В: Годишник на СУ "Св. Климент Охридски". Филос. фак. Книга Библиотечно-информ. науки, Т. 6, с. 5-22.,
Series/Report no.: Annual Book; T.6
Abstract: The article tracked the popularity of ICT today, the surprises in the progress of technology, how technologies affects to the activities of libraries and what are (perhaps) the perspectives. The issues related to the information and communication technologies (ICT) can be viewed and analyzed with different accents. It is possible to explore new approaches and models for the design of the technologies themselves or the reveal / describe transformations in typical activities to which ICT are directed. The results of using these approaches can be found in thousands papers and posts of special-ists who share their experience or demonstrate successive innovations. Many other papers were designed to investigate the impact of ICTs on people, their personal and / or professional space. Regardless of the focus, however, all publications are evidence of permanent technological development, which no longer surprises any-one. They are evidence of the diverse impact on society, the generation of new practices, new jobs but new needs. In practice, regardless of the study area (person-al space, IT business, social work, market, globalization, quality of life, etc.), the findings are in the fields of rapid pace of development, transformation, secondary effects, the gain, progressively attracting of interest, etc. Now is clear that the Internet is a phenomenon. Internet provoke the New economy – digital and informational economy, induces changes to the service economy; breeds political dimensions affecting traditional processes in this field; permanently raises the technologies and causing effects to social dimensions. But today Clouds are the “new force” of the IT market. The Clouds are the key factor in the great transformation of the IT industry. They generate new power of the Inter-net. We could say that the keywords of the current transformations in ICT are mo-bility, Cloud, Big Data, security, social orientation. On the other hand, the difficul-ties associated with a Cloud Service can be classified into three groups: policies relating to the provision of services; specialization to the virtual services to the needs of specific industries / institutions / organizations; statistic about consumers and periodic analysis of the data (as a Cloud Service). The highlight the profound change in the architecture of modern computing systems is "from local to network", "from digital to virtual", "from Client/Server to Cloud Computing". Going back to the cloud technologies we can find that they are perfectly ap-plicable to libraries. The question is whether these organizations are willing to outsource some of their operations. For example, how many users would like 24/7 access to library cloud? There are more questions, of course. One thing is undenia-ble: consumers are ready. Providers of library services, however, are not: they have not financial resources; the staff is not ready; strategic documents and standards also missing. What to expect in the near future? One thing is certain: there will be held a series of discussions among librarians, but the result is unlikely to be what is expected of users of library services.
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